【Industry knowledge】Count the functions of those curtains that you don’t know?

[Industry knowledge] Count the functions of those curtains that you don’t know?

Curtains have an indelible role in home life, without it, our quality of life will be greatly reduced.
Today, we will talk about the role of curtains, and give you a reference for those who have not installed curtains.

First, the role of curtains
Curtains have very practical functions, so we can’t live without them, so what practical functions does it have?

12 拷贝

1. Shading

I want to sleep until I wake up naturally on weekends, but the sun rises early…

Although it is pleasant to have enough sunlight in the bedroom at ordinary times, when we sleep, sunlight is not what we want,

because sleeping requires a relatively quiet and dim environment, so we need curtains to block the light and keep the bedroom suitable for sleeping. .

With curtains, we can control the opening and closing of the curtains according to our needs. When we sleep,

we close the curtains to block the entry of light. When we get up, we open the curtains to let the light enter the room.

13 拷贝
2. Protect privacy

The bedroom is a private space, and the curtains are the guarantee to protect the privacy of the interior.

Not only anti-peeping, but also due to the small distance between some buildings and the influence of apartment types,

every move at home is exposed to the eyes of neighbors, privacy is not guaranteed, and there is no sense of security.

Therefore, the opaque function of curtains can not only block light, but also block sight, so it is very necessary to install curtains.

14 拷贝
3. Decoration

When choosing curtains, generally choose double curtains, one is a light curtain, and the other is a blackout curtain.

Curtains are large color blocks and often become the focus of vision, so a curtain that matches the decoration style

can have a good sublimation effect and increase the beauty and temperament of the space.

In addition, the light-transmitting curtain can make the light entering the room softer and less dazzling,

creating a hazy and warm environment, soothing people and making people want to stay in this quiet space for a while.

4. Sound insulation

The blackout curtain itself is relatively thick and has a certain sound insulation effect. At the same time,

there are also professional sound insulation curtains, which can play a double sound insulation and noise reduction

effect when matched with sound insulation windows, especially in a particularly noisy environment facing the street.

5. Thermal insulation

Curtains are like a checkpoint, which can block the outdoor hot and cold air from entering the room, and similarly

block the indoor air from going out, thus playing the role of thermal insulation.

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