【Industry knowledge】Which material is better for curtain rods?

【Industry knowledge】Which material is better for curtain rods? Solid wood? Aluminum alloy? Or plastic steel?
Solid wood seems to be more expensive, but does expensive mean better? Which curtain rod is quieter? More easily deformed?

Part1: Purchase starts from understanding the classification knowledge of curtain rods
People tend to pay attention to the choice of curtains and ignore the choice of curtain rods.

There are many kinds of curtains on the market, and the same is true for curtain rods.

If the quality and style of the purchased curtain rods are not suitable, the final effect of the curtains is also worrying.

Let’s take a look at the basic classification knowledge of curtain rods.
1. Category 1: Open rod vs dark rod

1 拷贝


Curtain rods can be divided into open rods and dark rods according to whether they can be seen or not.

The open rod can see the color and decorative head of the rod, and the decorative effect is more prominent.

Therefore, open pole installation is increasingly becoming the main choice for curtain installation.

2 拷贝

The dark rods are often placed in the curtain box. There are two forms of the curtain box:

one is the room with a ceiling, the curtain box should be hidden in the ceiling, and it is completed

together when the top ceiling is made; the other is the room without ceiling. ,

the curtain box is fixed on the wall and becomes a whole with the window frame cover.

2. Category 2: Single track vs double track

3 拷贝
Curtain rods can be divided into single-track, double-track or even multi-track according to the structure.

As the name suggests, single-track can only hang one curtain, while double-track can be installed on two sides,

one side is installed with screen windows, and the other side is installed with thick curtains,

which is convenient to use. The owners can choose according to their needs.
3. Material of curtain rod

4 拷贝
Curtain rods are mainly made of aluminum, wrought iron, and solid wood. The prices of products with

different materials vary greatly, ranging from a few dollars to several hundred. It is recommended to

choose a better window rod, because it will take a long time and some inferior products It is often

easy to break and affect the use, and even cause personal injury.
Aluminium window rods to buy
Aluminum window rod is a common window rod material on the market. When purchasing,

focus on the wall thickness of the window rod. A good pipe wall is relatively thick at 1.5MM-2MM; secondly,

look at the design of the pull ring, and the poor window rod Pull tabs made of recycled plastic, rough manufacturing process.

Solid wood window rods are also relatively common to buy solid wood window rods. There are various colors.

According to the type, they can be divided into two types: transparent color and cover color. Basically,

it depends on the surface treatment, whether it is smooth, whether the paint is uniform,

whether the shape of the decorative head is symmetrical, etc. There are two kinds of solid wood decorative

rails with and without muffler strips. If there are many openings and closings, it is recommended to choose one with a muffler strip.
Wrought iron window pole purchase
The surface treatment of wrought iron window rods is spraying and electroplating. When purchasing,

mainly check the quality of spraying and electroplating, the thickness of the steel plate of the mounting frame, and the thickness of the pipe wall.

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