【Industry knowledge】Installation, selection and attention of curtain rods

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1. Curtain box is an important facility for concealing curtain rails. There are two types of curtain boxes: one is that the room has a ceiling,

and the curtain box should be hidden in the ceiling; the other is that the room has no ceiling, and the curtain box is fixed on the wall.

2. Curtain rods can be displayed indoors as a decoration. Generally, wood and metal are the main ones.

3. The characteristics of the two: the curtain box is cumbersome to disassemble, difficult to take care of, and the quality of the curtain rail is unstable.

The curtain rod is easy to maintain, easy to take care of, and has a good decoration effect. Therefore, there are more and more popular curtain rods in families now.

4. Curtain rod installation process: line drawing positioning – punching – mounting rod – hanging curtains.

5. The choice of curtain rod: the color should be matched with the decoration; the material should be sturdy and durable;

the wall thickness of the rod should meet the requirements; the bracket should be firm; after-sales should be guaranteed.

6. The choice of curtains: The functions of curtains are to block light, decorate, and block privacy. These functions are mainly decorative,

so the choice should be beautiful, generous, and match the design style.

7. It is also necessary to choose different colors of curtains according to the different living spaces. For example,

the children’s room can choose light blue and light yellow; the elderly room can choose the quiet one; the wedding room can choose the festive one, and so on.

8. There are many considerations for the choice of curtains, different materials; different layers; different patterns and patterns; and the choice of accessories and so on.

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